Friday, March 06, 2009

Rough Cut Fairy Tale (Scene Six)

Scene Six

(Birdy and Snailman at his rave)

I want another finger full of that stuff you got

You and everyone else

Hey, I thought we had something here?

No offense, but how do we know I'm not out of your league

Hey, stow the conceded crap fella

(Snailman shrugs, goes to flirt with another girl, Birdy starts shaking)

Is this the DTs? Or am I scared of something and that's what is making me shake?

I sure hate watching you shake

Well then do something

You ought to hang out here more often

I'm here almost every night

Then you go home

To Turtle

You ought to think about hanging you hat here.

I do like you

I want you. I want to know where you're at. I want you here where I can give you the finger anytime I want


Think about it

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