Sunday, March 15, 2009

Rough Cut Fairy Tale (Scene Ten)

Scene Ten

(Box Man follows Birdy home)

You're thinking about shells. There is a difference between a turtle's shell and a snail's. A turtle's shell can feel confining but there are at least a couple ways to crawl out of it for a time. With a snail's shell, it is much prettier no doubt, but once you take your first turn in, you're lead to another and another, all the while the road gets narrower and narrower. As the portal gets smaller so too shrinks your will to ever climb out. You'll glaze over. You'll swim in the slime. Your will to ever set out on your own, to be your own person, it will just evaporate. And, you'll be at the mercy of the mollusk. Believe me, you are the prettiest thing a male could set his eyes on, but after a month of dunking into smile, the apple with lose a little of its shine and then your Snailman might start taking you for granted.

(He hands Birdy a pair of little forks)

You're going to do what you're going to do. But you can use these to help crawl back out if you ever change your mind.

(Birdy walks away)

When you change your mind.

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