Friday, March 20, 2009

Things lately

Have I told you that being sick sucks? Well, it is getting better anyway. I am feeling a little stronger each day since this thing started, but I am still not 100%. Yesterday I had a small patch of time where I almost felt perfectly healthy. It was extremely weird and wonderful. The hardest thing to do at such a time is not to get dressed and go for walk or something, because I know that if you just give it 15 minutes or so and I'll be back to that shitty shitty feeling in my head. I've been told this shitty feeling could a dozen different things (usually by the same doctors). Virus, Seasonal allergies, Indoor Allergies, sudden onset of side effects from pills they put me, etc.etc.etc. Personally I think it is a combination of seasonal allergies and pill side effects. I think my body can handle either one but not both. So, we are taking a 2 week vacation from the pills. Alas...

The hardest part of the this whole thing has been having to cancel rehearsals. I don't like cancelling any rehearsal. Rehearsal is usually the best part of my day.

Despite that, the rehearsals that we have been able to do for Devils Dont Forget have been wonderful. I am always so pleased with everything the actors are bringing to the space each night. It is a little hard to only get to rehearse with most of them 2 nights a week, but so far they've all been doing their homework and it shows.

I can't wait for people to see this show! I am so proud of this cast!

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