Sunday, April 26, 2009

FavoriteThing(s)ThisWeek - Kafka by Mairowitz and Crumb

How are you feeling? Me, I am feeling quite Kafkaesque.

I woke up this morning in a panic having mistaken my eyelashes for a swarm
of insects. Once the sensation passed. I spilt a cup of hot tea onto my
feet. The big toe was scalded. I had no bandage or ointment. So I had to
sooth the digit in cold water and wrap it with fresh newsprint. The little
pink fellow has been punishing me all day, each wincing pain prick a
reminder that I am too clumsy and meriting of what ever burns I acquire.
It I were a better made man, I would have done something about my
clumsiness by now. I would have begun training in the martial arts, or
even if I didn't have the money for that create my own regiment of
balancing acts to perform in the privacy of my own home while watching the
television thereby taking steps to improve my equilibrium. I haven't done
so yet, and doubt that I ever will. Well, let the pink fellow howl in
anger. I deserve it.

I've been reading Kafka by David Zane Mairowitz and illustrated by Robert
Crumb. I am really loving it, and I am inspired especially by the
illustrations accompanying the stories. Crumb is making something akin to sequential art for a biography with illustrated stories by Kafka
included in the biographical narrative. Quite wonderful stuff. Pick this
one up if you get the chance

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