Thursday, April 16, 2009

Load In Begins for DEVILS DON'T FORGET

Well, we are about to load in this weekend for DEVILS DONT FORGET. It seems that we just started rehearsals yesterday (I know that everybody always feels that way at this point, but still I can't escape truisms).

Lights, Sound, Set, costumes... they are all coming in during the next 2 weeks. I am already feeling the little sense of wanting to hold on to it before it is all over.

We've assembled a fantastic cast, and I hope to talk a little bit about them over the next 2 weeks leading to that first curtain.

It is my hope that all of you in the Chicago Storefront Community will consider coming out to see DEVILS DON'T FORGET. I think we've got something very special here... oh and it runs for 4 weeks only!

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All the best

Bob Fisher

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rebar said...

Hare's to a safe and smooth load-in!