Saturday, April 18, 2009

Random scratches from my notebook

I see a thousand dilettantes fighting over a dozen cups of coffee in a
cafe all the while trying to not spill of drop of the precious brown fluid
onto the clean white tiles that received such positive feedback in the
previous cafe talkback. I see people primping for a suitor that isn't
there. I see folks calling for others to become saints unwillingly devoid of
humility since they aren't willing to make martyrs of themselves. I see a
whole generation so used to using four letter words on a TV screen as
weapons that they don't know what it really means to physically feel pain.
Sympathy is all the rage, empathy is out of fashion. The older and uglier
I get, the more I understand the fleeting divinity of youth and soft skin.
Knowing that we have all come from heaven makes one wonder where else we
could be possibly going. No one steps in the same river twice right?

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