Friday, April 17, 2009

Rough Cut Fairy Tale Act 2 Scene 1

Act 2 Scene 1

(Birdy and Snailman)

Do you love me?


I want to hear you say it

I just did

Again, please

I love you.


I love you. I love you. I love you!

How much

I love you thissssssss much

How much?

THhhhhhhhissss (closes his eyes)

I love you too!


Kiss me




And here



All this kissing is leading somewhere?


But what

But now that I'm all yours I want it to be special

Special how

Well I think...we need to clean the place up first

Why, we never had to clean it up before now

But back then we were just wild and crazy and living for the moment

That's what I thought we wanted

But, every once in a while once a girl has given herself over fully, she
wants ... she needs something special to remind her of how and why she got
hitched in the first place

Wait a minute who got hitched

We did

You think we got hitched?

We didn't

No we didn't

But I broke the shell


My sister. She's all laid up

Correct. And my seconds are still out there looking for her

I told you to leave her alone. we've done enough to her already

Don't tell me what to do. Don;t tell me my business

What are you suddenly so vicious?

Look I want you here. I want the good times, but you're taking this to
place I wont allow it to go


We are not hitched. We will never be hitched.

After everything I've done




I never let anyone talk to me like that

You'll take it. I'll talk to you like this and you'll take it. Why are you
making me get this way? What are you doing to me? This was supposed to be
different! This was supposed to be fun!

It's not! It's not fun anymore!

Shut up

You shut up

(She lunges at him. He pushes her down and sticks his fingers into her

Shut up. Take this and shut up!

(She is drugged and passed out)

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