Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tomorrow is Friday

Well... it looks like it is going to happen! Tomorrow the show opens. Aside from some last minute touches of paint and cable dressing and stuff like that, Brian S and I have to review our cues tonight (actors have the night off to snuggle with loved one's they haven't spent time with this past week)...but it is done. Last night we had a bit of an impromptu press night. I've never done them before because our press in the past always came either opening weekend or the following weekend depending on how long the run was. So... I think from here on out... we are going to do press nights no matter what.

There are so many people and organizations I have to thank for helping us in both large and small ways bring this show to life. RBP, Greyzelda (Chris and Rebecca), Jesus Contreras, Brian Seitel, Nick Keenan, Tony Adams, Ron Kroll, the list goes on...

Right now, I am extremely thankful to the cast as well.

I hope that you'll come see DEVILS DON'T FORGET. There are plenty of photos online at as well as at facebook (just type DEVILS DON'T FORGET in the search).

Hope to see you there!

Bob aka Devilvet

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Tony Adams said...

Hope the preview went well. Have a great opening.

I've gotta say as much as I've heard about the show, after Adam was talking about the makeup, that may be the thing I most want to see.