Monday, May 04, 2009

Our Second Review - DEVILS DONT FORGET

Fisher’s material is inarguably short on character development. But thanks to the wild-eyed kinesis of Hall, as a blade for hire, and the sweaty naivety of Garza, as his flunkie, as well as the hungover-stud-like presence of leading man Frymire, the play still offers recommendable men behaving badly. Whether the fact that the female characters are more exploited is misogynist, or just an accurate expression of the human condition, remains up for debate.

Call me crazy (or misogynist) ... but I love this review!!!


Adam Dodds said...

You should consider yourself flattered, DV. I ran a quick search of the TOC website archive. Of all the 66 articles returned for the word "misogynist", 96 for "misogyny", 58 for "misogynistic", and 1 for "misogynous", the vast majority were film reviews. In the theatre, onlt Adam Rapp, Neil LaBute, August Strindberg, David Henry Hwang, Neil Simon, and Amy Whittenberger share that ignoble stamp.

Interestingly enough, neither "misandry" nor any of its derivatives that I can think of returned a single result.

Adam Dodds said...

oh, and Shakespeare. He's one of you, too.