Friday, May 22, 2009

Put My Finger In Your Mouth - Dream Intermezzo

Dream Scene - Intermezzo

Who is She? In the dream we can not see.

She has a brown paper bag. She is tired. She is lost. She cradles the paper bag.

She curls down the rim of the paper bag like a wino does to get to the lip of the bottle, but it isn't a bottle. It is a hand. No severed or grotesque more like a wax sculpture. She puts the fingers of the hand her in mouth.

No more. All gone. All gone!

She closes her eyes and lays back. She goes into labor, and gives birth to an 8 pound 6 ounce baby snail!

No! This isn't happening! I saw this in a movie.

The flow of time contracts to time lapse. Swarms of snails cover the stage. They consume her. At first the experience is erotic but it transforms into something horroric.

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