Saturday, May 30, 2009

Scene 3.5

Scene Three.Five

BIRDY has returned home from her adventure at the SNAILMAN'S club. She is trying to make sure that she doesn't wake up TURTLE but due to her state of toxicity is being much louder than she would want. She playfully tip toes over to TURTLE'S SPACE with is zippered up. BIRDY peaks into one of the holes in the fabric, she smiles seeming satisfied that TURTLE has not been woken up. BIRDY goes over to her space. She pulls out an old stuffed doll or animal (Anything other than a turtle or a bird) and she begins to tell it all about the evening she just had. From one of the holes in canvas, TURTLE'S hand slowly emerges holding the TURTLE AMULET which is a cellphone. TURTLE is using the camera feature to spy on her sister. BIRDY confides to the stuff toy.


So, I said "What's your name" and then he said "You're kidding" right? Like I'm supposed to have read about him in some tabloid or something. So I said "Don't be an asshole" and then he said "Put My Finger in Your Mouth" and then I did.

(BIRDY puts the toy to ear to let it respond. She has a little conversation)

Yeah! I know! I know!


Because I wanted to. That's why.

I don't know. Everybody was trying to. If everyone wants it, then it must be pretty awesome.

(TURTLE makes a noise. BIRDY hears it. TURTLE retreats quick. BIRDY dismisses the noise. TURTLE sneaks the AMULET/CELLPHONE back through the hole.)

Well, shut up and I'll tell you. It was weird like he secreted something some kind of syrup right out of the tip of each finger. It was sweet and dirty smelling at the same time. I couldn't taste it, but I could feel it, the texture of it.

It was like meringue. A slice of Ghost Meringue Pie

Well, I felt light and then I felt heavy and then I got horny. I telling that meringue get you so horny you'll rub yer junk against the carpet.

(TURTLE makes noise. BIRDY hears and gets up to take a step toward TURTLE'S SPACE. TURTLE retreats again fast. BIRDY dismisses and returns to the stuffed toy.)

No, no, no I thought I was going to but I held back. I canoodled. A Little oral and then I got out of there before I gave up anything else.




Maybe cause I like him. Maybe cause he's hot.

You don't know that.

Well, let's not worry about where's he's been. I'm interested where's he's going. Maybe get him to take me along.

Alright. Good night. Good night

(BIRDY falls asleep almost instantly. Snores. TURTLE can be heard crying inside her space.)

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