Thursday, May 07, 2009

Rough Cut Fairy Tale 2nd Pass Scene 2

Scene Two

(Late at Night. Darkness. A deep muted booming sound that slowly grows. A small pin of light falls onto TURTLE in front TURTLE'S SPACE. TURTLE'S SPACE is very precious space filled with decorative china, ceramic figurines, various other domestic kitsch all decorated with various Turtles. Surrounding TURTLE'S SPACE is a deep army green fabric that can be zippered up from the inside. The green fabric has various holes from which TURTLE can peek out or point an accusing finger. TURTLE hears the booming sound. She thinks it is her heart. She fears she is having a heart attack. TURTLE has an empty turtle shell, a sort of large amulet she wears around her neck that she talks to when she wants to speak to her dead mother. One hand over her heart, the other holding the shell up to her lips.)

Mama? Mama is it my heart? Please take it away mama? Take it away.

(The sound subsides. TURTLE smiles.)

Thank you Mama

(TURTLE turns and starts dusting the turtle figurines with the feather duster. The booming returns a little quieter than before, so quiet perhaps that TURTLE senses something is wrong, but can't put her finger on it. She stops dusting and holds the duster close to her face trying to look into the feathers. She picks at the feathers as if she sees something dirty stuck to them. She then looks at her feet. She kicks off one of her boots, peels off the sock and examines her ankle, running her fingers over it, drawing an imaginary pattern. The booming gets louder. Now TURTLE can hear it again. She panics for a moment. She checks her own pulse, but...)

It is not mine. Mama, it is not mine.

(TURTLE turns to the cheap venetian blinds. Blue light, moonlight barely registers.)

Birdy! It is Birdy's heart Mama. Poor Birdy's heart. I don't like it. I don't like the way it beats. But, I can't stop her Mama. I don't know how.

(TURTLE goes to the window and opens the blinds. TURTLE whistles trying to call her sister home.)

Come home Birdy? It's Bad out there come home.

(Nothing. BIRDY isn't coming when she's called. The Booming has grown even louder. TURTLE can't stand it. She tries to cover her ears. She retreats back in her space and pulls closed the zipper. From inside TURTLE'S SPACE we hear her...)

Come home Birdy. Please come home.


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