Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Influences (still living bold, deceased italics)

It is important to note this isn't a list of folks whose work I like...This is a list of individuals whom I'm able to perceive their influence in what I have created over the last 10 to 12 years


Richard Foreman
Maria Irene Fornes
Erik Ehn
Julie Taymor

Harold Pinter
Samuel Beckett
August Strindberg

Mac Wellman
Robert Wilson
Jack Smith
Bread and Puppet


David Lynch
Guy Maddin
Martin Scorsce
Guillermo Del Toro
John Carpenter
Sam Raimi

Tex Avery
Val Lewton
Edgar Ulmer
Sam Fuller

Coffin Joe
K Gordon Murray
George Meiles
Robert Rodriguez
Coen Brothers


Salvador Dali
Rene Magritte
H Bosch

William Kentridge
Joseph Cornell
Edward Hopper
Max Ernst

Kiki Smith
Andy Warhol

many many more to come...


Alfred Schnitke (alive?)
Charles Ives
Pink Floyd
John Coltrane
Handsome Family
John Zorn

Johnny Cash
Stephen Sondheim
Leonard Bernstein

Harry Partch
Bernard Hermann


Cormac McCarthy
Kurt Vonnegut
Mickey Spilliane
Hermann Hesse
Harry Crews
Jim Thompson
Paul Auster
Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Nelson Algren
Studs Terkel

Etgar Keret

Other Media

Frank Miller
Alan Moore
Keith Olberman

F.T. Marinetti
Howard Zinn
Will Eisner
Mike Mignola
Bill Viola


robert said...

Did you forget Bartok (String Quartet #4)??


Devilvet said...

Wow! that takes me back. I haven't listened to that piece in many many years. I think I am going to have to bust out a little Bartok tonight when I get home.

robert said...

Better yet, wait until I come to Chicago July 5-10....we'll listen to it together!! I am coming to a music convention at a hotel out near the airport.

Sorry it wasn't in time to see Devils Don't Forget!!