Thursday, June 04, 2009

Lunch and Put My Finger in Your Mouth Thoughts

As I write this, I'm enjoying a little lunch at one of my favorite downtown spots (Timothy O'Tooles). I believe I've finally gotten over my tropical nightmare. Even yesterday, I was still feeling it.

However, Tuesday night was a bit of a restbit from the stress as Right Brain Project read out loud the first act of PUT MY FINGER IN YOUR MOUTH.

How to describe this show? Well, I've been so busy writing it that I haven't given it a ton of thought. I usually can synopsize what I've already written, but when I am in the midst of writing it...I just get this sort of block. I want to resist summarizing the story, I just want to get the whole thing out onto paper. The first act is finished. Alot of fun, alot of sexy, depraved stuff, but also the underpinnigs of classic fairy tale motifs.

There were two tries at preliminary meetings about how to start and what sort of story to tell. The first one was a huge gathering and the scope of potential ideas that were thrown around at that meeting were also equally huge. Everything from mosh pits to company provided day care during dirty sexy fairy tales was added into the mix. It was a wild evening, exciting and crazy notions abounded, but also sort of all over the place. A dozen possible ideas were introduced, but for this specific project only one of them was going to able to be pursued.

Then a second meeting occurred. Nathan and I sat down and started figuring out what sort of story I was going to write for RBP. He had some specifics he wanted the script to have. He wanted it to be a story about a pair of sisters (Stacie Hauenstein and Erin Orr were to play these sisters)... to incorporate a fairy tale sort of story pattern (Joseph Campbell constructs were discussed, Neil Gaimanish etc. etc.). ...and, he wanted it to incorporate a rave setting.

Well, I had all the fixings for the sort of phantasmagoria stew that I kinda like. I still had some concerns though. Firstly was the idea of Fairy Tale. Now everybody (including me) seems to really love fairy tales. IMHO, it is the soup du jour of theatre (perhaps that is unfair. I'm sure someone out there could compose a decent argument that Fairy Tales have been prevalent onstage for quite a while). To my mind fairy tales are all the fashion lately, so how are we going to do it in a way that was significantly different than say House Theatre (Rose and the Rime) or Mary Zimmerman (fairy tales, and myths abound in her work) or Redmoon (where would they be without fairy tales) or TUTA (Maria's Field, BTW one of the best things I've seen so far this year).

After hearing the first act of our show out loud, my concerns about separating ourselves from what I considered to be a flooded 'market' were not so necessary. I couldn't tell you how we got what we have so far, but I can tell you that everything on the page even down to the title of show (which caused both giggles and apprehension) feels like something none of us have seen on the Chicago storefront scene, at least not recently.

This weekend I have to try to get the bulk of the second act on paper, which feels daunting right now (doesn't it frequently feel daunting though?).

BTW auditions are this weekend. If you have seen either a Mammals show or a RBP show and liked what you saw, you really ought to consider coming out to play with us!

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RebeccaZ said...

I've really been enjoying your PMFIYM entries, by the way ... very cool stuff. Keep up the good work, Mr. Fisher.