Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thoughts and Reverberations on Permanence

"The human experience is larger than that of a singular theatrical production, but it's transient nature is exactly the same. From the beginning of anything - a life, a house, a relationship - everything struggles on in a continual state of slow decay. Nothing in human experience is designed to be permanent and yet we strive so heroically and so futilely to sustain it indefinitely, as if shear will will keep the train chugging along and if we Really Believe, we will never die.

Perhaps, if instead of fighting against this inevitable finality of things we embraced it, then the time spent with them [fellow theatrical artists per specific production] would be brighter, more important. When people have near death experiences, they tend to go on living their days with more meaning. If you knew that today was it, the last day, that the show closes at midnight, would you waste a second on the bullshit? Would you argue about petty things? Would you make excuses for incompetence or laziness or incompleteness of purpose?"

For good or bad, tomorrow does impact today.
Does anticipation handicap improvisation? Not just the hopefully humorous or poignant or bountiful idea that springs from your personal ephemera out through your mouth. lungs, and limbs... The manner in which you decide on which impulse, instinct, and inspiration to act upon.
If you can call no man happy until he is dead, then perhaps the man who can die daily with the setting sun has something to teach us.

But it is part of the paradox isn't it? You must anticipate some of the time. You must anticipate the moment before the broth boils over, before the chicken burns in the pan, before the comedic bit gets too repetitive.

But, you must also allow for moments when the risk... is truly a risk. You must be able to talk to the most attractive person in the bar regardless of the possibility of rejection. You must embrace the rehearsal, putting out of your mind the implication of performance.

Again though paradox... because moderation is a tool as well.


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