Monday, June 15, 2009

Where is all this FINGER stuff coming from?

So I've been asked where a lot of this crazy imagery in PUT MY FINGER IN YOUR MOUTH (PMFIYM) is coming from. People read a little of it and laugh or roll their eyes. I know it is bizarre, but there is something more being attempted than sheer insanity for the sake if itself. There is method and even contextuality, not mere madness.

I realized that the Snailman was something meant to invoke a sort of Naked Lunch persona. I have found myself frequently lost in those pages where strange sorts of invertebrate hybrids are peddling kicks sexual, pharmaceutical, etc. More folks know of it without have read it, or have only seen the Cronenberg film (wonderful but not really like the book). A lot of Burroughs work is populated with drugged up sci fi characters resembling Snailman.

But the Snailman's origins are not only found there. The idea of him and his club hold high debt to Jack Smith and all the still and archival film excerpts I've seen of Flaming Creatures, Normal Love, etc. I wanted to make those club/rave scenes a cross between Jack Smith's Normal Love and Hieronymus Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights (add in some dashes of Ren & Stimpy as well).

Some of the other insanity comes from the given circumstance of conversations over dinners and drinks with various friends while talking about the project. I like taking the various odds and ends of anecdotes the participants share with me and transforming them into crazy chaotic collage, the way Max Ernst would cut up and reassemble wood block prints, advertisements from periodicals and catalogs, etc.

Other influences are apparent as they are noted in the stage directions. Robert Crumb, Joseph Cornell, David Bowie's Glam.

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Paul Rekk said...

Stills and excerpts? You've never experienced the full fever that is Flaming Creatures? This demands correction!

I'll start keeping my eye out for you; a screening usually pops up at least once or twice a year in the city.