Friday, July 24, 2009

David Cote, _ _ _ _ You!

5. Bloggers: Engage/enrage
This item will generate noise (and that’s the point): I wish bloggers would mix it up more. Does it take a Rachel Corrie fiasco to generate heat? The theater blogosphere has been dull, insular and quiet lately. We need more arguments, more dirt, more bloody knock-down-drag-out fights. Not just self-promotion, obscure manifestos and production diaries. And here’s hoping for a new breed of long-form critics worth reading.

I agree.

However also allow me to say Mr. Cote... _ _ _ _ you. Put up or shut up. What did you blog on July 17th, July 1st, etc. etc. etc.

So, unless you start engaging others in the manner you prescribe instead of informing us of how your opera is... well then you are asking others to take a risk that you yourself don't seem to be engaging in.

I for one, agree with you... and given the opportunity to raise my digital voice in regards to something I actually have an opinion about or at the very least an emotion... I will raise my voice...

But it seems that the grand old cat scratch fever days are long gone. Too many folks too concerned about how the tone of their posts will co relate to making money doing art. Too tepid.

So, David... I applaud your physician heal thyself. Mix it up or shut up.

And, quickly let me hit post before I worry if my response is good for my career.


Found some interesting stuff after a little deeper reading.
Cote fights back. I like how 99 seats sets up the whys of why no engagement here and here, especially the metaphor of bloggers as terrorists.

Personally I am not interested in poking a stick at Hunka or Walters or folks for the mere thrill of it. I enjoy hearty debate about topics rather than people, about actions rather than intent, and about theatre and art rather than ...well shit that just doesnt hook me as much.

Anyway, I am jumping back into the waters for more deeper reading.

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