Tuesday, July 21, 2009

PUT MY_ _ _ _ _ _ IN YOUR _ _ _ _ _

Just got back into Chicago from San Diego. Work had me doing a conference (no not that conference). I missed that conference by 24 hours. I would have stuck out the weekend at the hotel and taken in as much SDCC goodness as possible, but even if you are a VIP at an event like this, you have to drop some serious coin. And right now, all my coin is currently tied up. A great opportunity has arrisen, and it required me to choose between the con and the future. But, there will more about that a couple weeks from now.

What is happened now? As in right now? Well right now, I am recovering from 4 straight 14 hour days and some hard fun living in between. But tomorrow, I return to PUT MY FINGER IN YOUR MOUTH rehearsals. Between work and a flu bug, I've been away from rehearsals for a almost 2 weeks. We are entering the last week before tech, and so it is an exciting time. This one is a queer bird (if you couldn't already tell from the title). As I writer, if was my goal is risk alot on this one, to push myself in directions I have not recently or frequently taken.

The most obvious risk being that I am not directing. For me that is something very new. I've had a short piece or two directed by others before but nothing as big as this script.

The next risk was the material. I wanted to stretch and attempt to write something that was very specifically, identifiably my own, but at the same time drastically contrasting the work I've been doing most recently, specifically the Heavy Noir influenced stuff. I got to write for female protagonists (something I dont get to do quite often). In fact, I've been labelled in the past (by mostly the fairer sex) as not always writing the best characters for women. I don't know that I completely agree, but I am cognizant enough our of culture to understand why I've heard that. So, the goals were to do what I could to make sure that these protagonists (the sisters) were as genuine as I could make them on the page, avoid writing what I jokingly refer to as "just men with boobs", and at the same time (even if it is riding the razor's edge of criticism) keep the violent or confrontational, crazy edge to the characters that makes them interesting to me as people without completely relying on basic unflattering stereotypes/tropes.

Whether or not I succeed on any of these levels, you'll have to tell me when you see it. The show opens next weekend. Click here for the details or goto therbp.org.

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