Monday, August 17, 2009

I don't always succeed

I was asked, "Are you ready to accept your failure?"

I spun quickly to try to capture the the eyes of the one who asked.

But among the throngs there was no one who felt compelled to own those words. I turned back to my notebook and started scribbling again.

I was in the midst of my imagination when again I heard a voice. This one had a hint of righteous indignation. "How dare you assault the rest of us with this despicable vision?"

I grit my teeth in preparation for a fight, but again when I turned to see my adversary, there was a crowd of nameless faceless folks none of which seemed interested in conflict. So, confused and flustered I put pen to paper again and tried to shape something in my notes, letting the adrenaline ebb away.

Then, again it happened. This time I didn't turn. I just stopped for moment. And, I choose to disregard it. I stayed focused on my notes. Then again, and again... each time rather than turn and brace myself for a battle, I remained ambivalent or at the very least I would strive for it.

This isnt to say I never fought again. Conflict will happen. But, rather I try not bother with rebuttals to every dirty look, every negative retort.

I don't always succeed. But, this is what I attempt. And, sometimes... I do succeed.

My life is always better for it.

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