Monday, August 31, 2009

NavelGazeInspiration - A Writing Exercise

Listening to Music Choice 80's channel today via my comcast cable.

On the Dark Side by John Cafferty

I must have been 11 or 12 when I first heard this song.

/On the Dark Side
//Eddie and the Cruisers
///Car Crash
/////Forbidden Television
//////Grandma's House
///////Chocolate Chip Cookies
////////Lip Sync
/////////A lie that tells the truth

Within a matter of two to three seconds, these were all the associations that ran through my mind. I had no chance to circumvent or redirect these images and ideas. They arrived immediately upon hearing the first lyric. I haven't heard this song in maybe a decade. Amazing how the mind locks up and then releases all this stuff.

Sure it is NavelGaze, but that can be a launching point, the initiation into narrative storytelling.

So here is an exercise. Listen to a radio station that plays songs from the decade of your childhood. Listen to five songs and write down brief phrases, images, memory prompts that enter your head.

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