Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Never stop - aka THE FUTURE!

Things are moving pretty fast here for yours truly.

Right now, Right Brain Project is currently in the midst of a run of the show I wrote called PUT MY FINGER IN YOUR MOUTH. We've gotten some wonderful notice on this, and I am very proud of the piece. It runs though the end of the month

After that the nose really hits the grindstone (in a good way hopefully). I am reopening the Zoo Studios. The Original Zoo Studios was the playground/mad science laboratory for the Chicago Mammals from 2002-2005. I shut it all down during my first (hopefully last) mid-life crisis to move to Atlanta (actually the space was assumed by Greyzelda and they stayed there a number of years). Well... starting September 1st, the Chicago Mammals will once again have a home of our own. Workshops for new works will begin. Dreams will be fulfilled. Good times will be had by those who join in.

The first workshop will be for SEVEN SNAKES. The Mammals had originally planned to workshop this during the summer, but my commitment to completing the script for Right Brain Project put those plans on hold.

Tympanic Theatre is producing an evening of short one acts entitled BASTARDS OF YOUTH. I've got the good fortune of having one of my pieces included. It is entitled PERSONAL APOCALYPSE.

After that the Mammals will be producing a show this Fall/Winter currently TBA.

I am also currently participating in two projects with WNEP Theater. The first being THE HOPPER PROJECT, tentatively scheduled for production in January 2010. The second project conceived by yours truly is the CHICAGO CRYPTOZOOLOGICAL TOUR, a performance/tour investigating hidden animals, folk legends, and paranormal sites throughout Chicago's Neighborhoods.

And, the big big one for me personally will be the premiere of THE MEATLOCKER. I've been waiting for years to get the script ready and find the right situation and time. I believe that time to be April 2010.

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