Saturday, August 29, 2009

What If..

What if there were no more theatre companies? Seriously. What if there were only theatre folk? What if there were a system or a place to go to do work and then randomly be assigned a team of artists to work on various projects?

How would that affect the art, the audience, the experience? Immediately and then over a longer period of time?

What if theatre spaces no long had names other than individual identifers, rather than Side Project, you when to 1439 Jarvis? or you didnt go to the Neo-Futurarium, you went to 5153 Ashland?

What if you performed scripted work similar to way jazz bands organize, arrange, and rearrange? I'm not talking about improv... I'm talking about new scripts, new productions of established works from the canon.

Would it be akin to various 24 hour projects, but instead more like 160 hour project?

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RebeccaZ said...

I feel like singing a little "Imagine" right now ...