Tuesday, September 29, 2009

FTTW - Kristy Whiten

I haven't scientifically measured how many folks get added to my Favorite Things This Week Posts, but when I get smitten twice by the same artist without knowing, when I think this one is worth another look.

h/t to Juxtapoz

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Sunday, September 27, 2009


Tim Roda

These are very DIY inspiring! Hey some of them ride the razor's edge of NFSW. Not like Maplethorpe but they could still raise some co-workers' eyebrows

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Auditions - Sept 27th

The Mammals are holding general auditions for our next two full productions.

Zoo Studios
4001 N. Ravenswood Ave Suite B-1

( Ravenswood and Irving Park - East Side of the Metra Tracks)
When: Sunday Sept 27th 12pm-5pm

To schedule a time call the Mammals at 866-593-4614 or email us at

What you'll need to bring -

2 Prepared Contrasting Monologues/original piece

Regarding your original created piece. The Mammals are excited about working with passionate individuals who consider themselves creative artists. We want to see what you like to create. This can be anything from a monologue you have written to design portfolio/ puppetry/ mask/ sculpture/ music /dance/ movement. We only ask that it be something you have worked on before arriving at the rehearsal. Feel free to share with us pieces you've created at improvisational workshops previously, but we prefer you not attempt to improvise an entirely new piece in front us.

Our upcoming productions

The Noir Triptych

Breed With Me - Opening December 2009

Aliens, Ghosts, Noir…Breed With Me continues The Mammals’ Noir Triptych, a hardboiled story of a man whose appetites have forced him to flee from his past into the American desert where he falls into the clutches of the ultimate femme fatale. Garnering a 'Highly Recommended' review in the Chicago Reader, the original 2003 production was described by Jack Helbig, "for 50 minutes I was alternately fascinated and terrified by the wonderfully perverse story of a seductive woman who may or may not be a killer."

The Meatlocker - Opening April 2010

The Third Play in the Noir Triptych, this is the tale of a boxer haunted by demons from his past warning that if he goes down for the full ten count, even if it's a dive, he wont ever get back up. Every time the boxer steps on the mat, he is fighting for his life. The real trouble occurs when the boxer meets a bookie who wont take no for an answer to fix a fight. This story will be told by the Mammals in both graphic novel form as well as a stage production.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Favorite Things This Week

Graphic Artists redrawing comic book covers! Love This!

Covered Blog


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@chuckpalahniuk: "13 Writing Tips by Chuck Palahniuk" - http://bit.ly/zu8Hj

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

This is a tough looking guy!

Dennis Frymire as BUSTER

So, I am back to working with the images we captured for the DEVILS DONT FORGET graphic novel. I am settling on this sort of look for the comic.

Loving it. Now that I have the look. I think it is time to start back at the narrative.