Friday, October 09, 2009

Just what the heck is an emerging theatre roundtable?!

So if we are going to do this, then lets do it. Small bites first.

Deb Clapp responds to me yesterday with...

"we have a lot of great programs, the one you refer to is what we call our Emerging Theatre Roundtables. We have done seven over the past year on a variety of topics of interest to theatres with small budgets. "

Hmmmm... Seven so far... sounds interesting. I'd like to know about all seven, at the very least the subject matter covered, but perhaps even a paragraph about each and what value was gained by those emerging theatres in attendance.


p.s. Anyone can weigh in, but I specifically want to know from the LOCT... define "Emerging theatre"... be specific.'s not a's called communicating with me ;)

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