Friday, October 02, 2009

So just what the hell are you doing?

Sometimes I do wonder what ever happened to the notion of a inexpensive life of leisure? Isn't the vision of sitting back and drinking a beer on the porch while digesting some sort of slow cooked meat and reading something intellectual but also entertaining...isn't that a nice image? Why then are you hell bent on filling every moment you can with some kind of art? Can you not take a moment to recline? Or do you think that there is no time? You'll have to settle on getting all the sleep you need when your dead?

Anyway, this week has been a heck of a crazy production one. I'll have a seat later...yes sometime comfortable before the big D, but now it is work work work!

Projects this past week -

Nighthawk Sandwich
The (edward) Hopper Project
Personal Apocalypse
Seven Snakes
Breed With Me

It has been a wonderful week. But, the price is for it is extreme drowsiness. The week started out heavy with WNEP and Edward Hopper. Monday and Tuesday were production meetings and staged readings respectively. There are two productions that will arise from the works of Hopper, Nighthawk Sandwich and the (edward) Hopper Project. I think that this is going to be one heck of a rewarding experience. A team of writers have been working on various scenes for over two years now. A vast number of those scenes are being curated into an evening of theatre that is inspired by the images and figures in the paintings and sketches of Edward Hopper (primarily his urban landscapes). I'm not sure what I can and cant say about this project, but I think I can say that there is the potential for this thing to become the perfect storm as storefront non equity theatre projects go. At any rate, I think that the calibre of writing that that the team has assembled happens to be exemplary.

Wednesday, I was able to visit a rehearsal of Personal Apocalypse, a short sketch I wrote that is being produced for Tympanic Theatre's Bastards of Youth festival. I am fascinated to see what they end up making of it. They are very talented group of people and the piece is still taking shape, so all I get to do now is sit back with breath baited (that's the expression right? breath baited?)

Thursday, I went to see Lorca in the Green Dress. A play written by Nilo Cruz, one of the most lyrical writers for the stage today.

Saturday I have a staged reading with beer chasers of a new play in development called Seven Snakes. I've been stealing away to my laptop ever chance I get to polish the scenes we have thus far. I have another fun and talented gang on board to help with this one. We wont be reading/performing the whole play, but rather just the first 24 or what will probably be a 30 scene play spread over 2 acts. The script experiments alot with direct address. One of the aims of the reading will be to see how much direct address is just right.

Sunday (and the following Wednesday) we have callbacks for the Mammals next full production Breed With Me.

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