Tuesday, October 06, 2009

What is the Chicago Cryptozoological Tour?

The Chicago Cryptozoological Tour, is going to be an ensemble performance piece targeted for Halloween Season 2010. The concept is that WNEP will create a bus tour where we take audiences around Chicago to areas of our design that are of paranormal and cryptozoological interest. Our immediate goal is to generate sketches and material to be considered for inclusion in the final working script.
So, we are inviting you to become part of the process...

Our first writers' meeting is 10/12 at 7pm at the Zoo Studio located at 4001 N. Ravenswood Suite B-1 (Irving Park and Ravenswood by the Irving Park Brown Line stop)

All are welcome, but let us know you are coming!!! email me devilvet@gmail.com

Cryptozoology is the study of hidden animals, but we are going to expand our focus to including anything hidden within Chicago.

Hidden people, history, places, gravesites, amusements, shipwrecks
Hidden panels in hidden bookshelves on hidden floors that can only be accessed by hidden buttons on hidden elevators...

So to start out, lets each bring something that would make a great element in a story about something hidden in Chicago, something hidden that our tour can uncover for the audience.

Bring in photos, articles, etc... feel free to write about some of the more popular Chicago points of interest like a hidden history of the stockyards, or Riverview amusement park, or Our lady of the overpass. Or feel equally free to generate something topical like a story about the Golem of Lakeview who has absconded with all the parking meters. During this first pass, the sky is limit so long as the story involves some(or all) of the following -

...Something hidden
...Something paranormal

Comedy, tragedy, absurdism, saucy puppet shows... bring it all in.

These writing meetings are open to both WNEP members and non-WNEP artists who find the idea intriguing.

Anyone with questions can email me at devilvet@gmail.com.

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