Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Where I've been... Where I'm going

The (edward) Hopper Project with WNEP
Well, Hopper starts rehearsing this week. I've had a couple of my scenes included. From here on out, I expect to participate solely from an advisory position. I am coming to the first few rehearsals to hear it all out loud. After that, I suspect I will disappear until much later... just get out of the way of the actors and director. Probably sometime closer to opening, I duck my head back in and see where things are. Don has asked me to be there to help with a rewrite of one of my scenes (maybe less a rewrite and more to play around with action with the actors there on their feet).

Storming Heaven with Greyzelda
All the contributing writers have read the material, and Greyzelda has assigned the books. I am going to be adapting the first of four parts. I am looking forward to this project. The story is incredible. And whereas, I don't get to tell it's most dramatic events (rising action you know means that the book's conflicts come closer to resolution) There is such a wealth of detail and poetry and beauty to the first book that I think if my co-writers arent jealous... they should be! There is a blog were we will all be writing about the process.

Personal Apocalypse with Tympanic Theatre's Bastards of Young Festival
This show closed this past weekend. They have had some great houses. I've had the good fortune to get a bit of positive mention for my piece. Any accolades have to be shared equally with the cast and director. They have done a great job.

Chicago Cryptozoological Tour with WNEP
More on this soon. However if you have read about it already and want to know more, drop me an email.

Breed With Me with the Chicago Mammals
Ahhh yes. Much more about this over the next few weeks here and at themammals.blogspot.com

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