Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Non Traditional Spaces and Approaches - Part One

In preparation for the upcoming forum on Non-Traditional Spaces and Approaches, I'll be sketching out posts over the next few weeks regarding various artists and ideas in the hopes of sparking the conversation. More info on the forum and the summit are available by clicking here and here.

I've never been truly engaged by the Puppet Bike. That is not a artistic dig, I just have never seen a live performance that wasn't 2 stuffed animals wagging themselves at each other. Whereas the content doesn't resonate with me, the spirit of the endeavor does. Here is an artist that is truly free from so many of the constraints and obstacles that hinder and concern an entire section of the storefront theatre makers.

Now one might say, well that is all well and good for a man who makes simple children's puppet shows... but how am I supposed to realize my artistic vision from the back of a 3 wheel bicycle? Well why not? Use the empty space in the back of the bike or the front of the bike or in a trailer behind the bike to express your narrative. If the design of your narrative is longer than you envision a crowd being able to gather and focus in a public space, then focus on the premise of your story and create a condensed version.

The performance can go anywhere the bike can. That enables an amazing self-reliance.

Mobility, modularity, inventiveness, distillation... these are lessons that any artist could learn from Puppet Bike. If you are committed or merely interested in Non-traditional spaces and approaches, you should ask yourself how such an approach to art and real estate could enable you as a storyteller.


You can also take the idea of a mobile stage and expand it the way INCOGNITO, INC did (h/t to Ben Thiem for helping me remember the company's name)


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