Thursday, January 07, 2010

Picking Our Parents?

Thinking about 99's post yesterday, specifically the comments section

This sort of conversation is the kind that I find pleasurable. Who has influenced you?

How does inheritance, essentialism, conditioning, etc affect who we consider to be the parents of our artistic influence?

Is there a difference between building upon the parents, entering into conversation with the parents, or publicly rebuking the parents?

Do we merely inherit a canon, or do we have the opportunity not merely at a counter canon, but multiple counter canons?

Are there reasons to fear a sort of 'seperate but equal' perception of not multi-culture but multiple culture?

What are the fine points of difference between those two concepts?


99 said...

I tried to answer some of this here:

I think there's a conversation with these Parents, this lineage, a back-and-forth that happens. We listen, we talk, we take what we need. Honoring, to me, doesn't mean not questioning, not pushing the edges and raw parts. It's asking questions about the scars and tattoos and choices, then taking your own path out in the world. Things die when we revere our Parents too much.

Scott Walters said...

As Sophocles told us, everyone needs to kill their father. That is the sign of adulthood. Once you've done that, you can resurrect him again.