Friday, February 26, 2010

How To Stay Connected to Your Friends and Your Artistic Community?

The thing about success is that it can also create isolation. As success reverberates you are enabled to do more. Often, you decide to do just that. But, that means you have less to absorb in the ways you used to. Translation, you see fewer shows, read fewer books, listen to fewer new bands... when your work life or job life or art life starts picking up.

So, how to manage it? Is it merely a matter of smaller bites throughout the day? Reading in smaller chucks? Watching everything on DVR? even the news? Sacrificing your time as an audience member?

Time Management? Self Sacrifice? Less Sleep?
Disappointment? Resignation? Relief? Caffeine? Less Blogging?

I don't know if I have any answers. Anyone else have thoughts, comments, or do you just feel the same way?

If you are working on more than one show at a time, doing the day job thing, rehearsing 5 nights a week, maybe even performing the other 2 nights... what are the things you are willing to let go of? What are the things you refuse to leave hanging?

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