Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What sort of art do you want - 1

I want art that is akin to turning over a rock and seeing what crawls beneath.


Scott Walters said...

Why? Dp you feel that life that isn't under a rock doesn't exist or have import?

Devilvet said...


Is this a real question or you just trying to be contrary?

Scott Walters said...

Jeez, we've become a paranoid lot in the theatrosphere. It is a real, if contrary, question. Why isn't the rock itself, or the landscape surrounding the rock something worth seeing? Why is the slimy, squiggly underneath so valuable? It isn't that I don't want to look under rocks -- shit, Bob, the whole Nylachi thing is the slimiest rock I've ever seen -- but rather, I'm asking why that is an artistic priority? Isn't our popular media addicted to looking under rocks, to the point where we think the whole world IS a slimy rock?

Devilvet said...

Not paranoiad so much as annoyed.

I guess you are right in that our popular media is addicted to looking under rocks so ong as it can sell something salacious that it finds under that rock.

At the risk of remaining too vague for you, I just add that each of us as individuals and collectively as a society have plenty of things we have choosen to hide or that we are content to allow to remain hidden (even our popular media).

My experience as a maker of art is that it is much easier and often more financially rewarding to celebrate our strengths rather than expose our flaws. Both are essential to our improvement as a specie. However, I think that too many regardless of where they are located in the country or in the political philosophical realm are content to endulge the former when discourage the later.

cgeye said...

You can't perform brain surgery on yourself, but someone else can.

Someone else can examine underlying assumptions and behaviors so fixed in us we barely acknowledge their existence. That's what 'looking under a rock' means -- look at the ecology underneath us.