Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Father Scene

A-Your Father?


A-What Happened?

B-He held me

A-An Embrace?

B-No. By the throat.

A-He was choking you?

B-No! Just holding me by the throat.

A-And then what?

B-And then he reached into his pocket with his right hand, the left hand still holding my throat. He pulled a knife out of his pocket. He showed me the knife. And then he cut open my face. It is was quick. A slash. And there wasn't any blood, but there was that weird sense of air passing over flesh never ever exposed before.

A-Why did he cut you?

B-He was angry. He was very angry with me.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


A-I don't like this hat anymore
B-Why not
A-It's making me old
B-You used to love that hat
A-Not anymore
B-You're going to get old regardless of the hat.
A-But the hat aint helping things. Not a bit.
B-Why blame the hat.
A-Hat like this one comes with responsibilities
B-Does it?
A-They convince you that look good in a hat like this. They intimate it is the right hat for you. It makes you look dignified and other such stuff. But what they don't tell you is that these sorts of hats require a lot of upkeep. And the more time you put into the care and management of this type of hat, the more the hat sort of sinks it's fangs into you. You start caring about the hat, even though you might truly hate the hat. You might truly hate the way the hat makes you feel. But it was such a difficult hat to come by. And if you just take it off and throw it away, hell, who knows when you'll ever find another hat.
B-You get something back from the hat.
A-Headache is all you get. This hat gives me a headache
B-So chuck it already.
A-That's just what I'm going to do. I'm getting rid of it. I'm finally going to get the hell rid of this hat.
B-I'll roll down the window for ya.
A-Good. Here it goes
(A doesn't get rid of the hat. B shakes head and rolls the window back up.)
B-Well, I don't blame you.
A-...God damn I hate this hat.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Why get the cure when all you really need is assurance?

It appears that I had forgotten how to blog. It used to be a habit. Almost daily, I would show up in this virtual space and type all sorts of crazy, provocative, personal items. I would fashion manifestos and take pot shots at virtual frienemies.

But during the last production something happened. Suddenly I found that I wasn't compelled, or perhaps I wasn't compelled to the same degree as I had been before.

Is there such a thing as "blogger's block"? I ask this because even though I haven't written much here lately, I have been writing. I have also been reading alot. Reading happens in shifts for me. It is sort of like the seasons. When the reading season hits I want to get as much of the crop in as possible before the frost stops and self diagnosed dyslexia sets back in.

I don't tend to believe in 'writer's block'. I believe that if you think you have 'writer's block' then the best thing to do is to just start writing random words on a page. Then rewrite the same words over and over again until the words become sentences and then the sentences become something more.

I believe that sounds and shapes can work like rorschachs and that you can become your own psychoanalysis. I'm not claiming that you can cure your neurosis yourself (most of us I think in all honesty don't want the skeleton key to our own minds, we just want assurances that we are on track regarding our 'meaning'), but by simply writing nine random words on a page, and then rearranging them into phrases and then amplifying and supplementing them into sentences, one can start to map thoughts and dreams and visions that one didn't realize were sitting beneath the apparent mind.

We don't want the cure. We just want assurance.

That is a thought that wasn't inside my conscious mind five minutes ago when I sat down and started typing randomly.

If you can think of a song, then just keep humming or strumming scales.

I'm going to take this instruction. I'm going to take this medicine myself.

I feel like I still have great things, great thoughts inside me. I have to try.

You should too. If you feel discouraged. You should keep putting various words on the page or screen. Just keep doing it.

Wow. I didn't think I had another post in me tonight. But, here it is.

Alright, back to Seven Snakes.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Seven Snakes - Process


Getting ready to begin pre-production for SEVEN SNAKES in earnest. I am excited to be working on this script which represents characters, ideas, narrative that I began dreaming of back in 2006 while my time was short in Atlanta, Georgia. I needed something to escape the waiting of my departure back to Chicago. I found that escape in NANOWRIMO. My last day in ATL was November 30th. So, I spent those last thirty days throwing myself into this variation of a Native American fairy tale that I had heard of in Joseph Campbell's POWER OF MYTH.

I've spent the better part of the last decade attempting to figure out how the genre of Noir could work into my personal aesthetic. So, I am anxious and exciting to use this production to embrace the Western.

The Mammals investigate history, mythology, and destiny using the genres of Science Fiction, Horror, and Phantasmagoria. It should be a ton of fun pulling that all together in this piece which I hope ends up as a love letter to the works of Leone and Peckinpah.