Thursday, June 03, 2010

Seven Snakes - Process


Getting ready to begin pre-production for SEVEN SNAKES in earnest. I am excited to be working on this script which represents characters, ideas, narrative that I began dreaming of back in 2006 while my time was short in Atlanta, Georgia. I needed something to escape the waiting of my departure back to Chicago. I found that escape in NANOWRIMO. My last day in ATL was November 30th. So, I spent those last thirty days throwing myself into this variation of a Native American fairy tale that I had heard of in Joseph Campbell's POWER OF MYTH.

I've spent the better part of the last decade attempting to figure out how the genre of Noir could work into my personal aesthetic. So, I am anxious and exciting to use this production to embrace the Western.

The Mammals investigate history, mythology, and destiny using the genres of Science Fiction, Horror, and Phantasmagoria. It should be a ton of fun pulling that all together in this piece which I hope ends up as a love letter to the works of Leone and Peckinpah.

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