Friday, July 09, 2010

Am I getting too old to change my word processor?

So, I got to thank a few friends lately that happen to be diligent enough to catch my clerical errors when trying to arrange readings. Between all the hullabaloo of real life, a short 4 day work week, etc... I got all my dates and days mixed up. The tough thing about that sort of mental mix up is that it seems so darn hard to shake, like signing 2009 onto your 2010 cheques this past January.

But rather than talking calendar logistics, lets turn it back to the art. As I've been writing and rewriting, it can sometimes get a little confusing which version of the script is the one who want to go with. I used to attach the latest version of any script to a gmail draft email so that I could have access to it wherever I went (that had wifi... which is turning into almost everywhere).

Now most the time, I was able to keep everything in order, properly label each and any draft, and actually have a pretty good record of various drafts. I know that google documents might even be a better option for this sort of exercise, but I am not the biggest fan of the google documents interface. I like, perhaps I might even need, to see writing subdivided by pages. Openoffice does this. Word does this. Heck, even Wordperfect does this. But Google Docs does not.

Some of my friends are huge advocates for scriptwriting software. I have tried a few, but haven't found that software that makes me fall in love and think about uninstalling my openoffice. What sort of software do you use when writing?


Travis said...

I don't have a good answer for you, but I will join your confusion over why GDocs doesn't understand the benefit of Page View.

The Director said...

Check out Zoho Suite ( It's a Google Docs kind of thing, but it's way more like Word than GDocs is. I think it might be what you're looking for.