Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The giddy pleasure of no rules.

I've spent much of the past decade watching, learning, sculpting 3 specific scripts that were each an homage, expansion, and/or investigation of the facets of the Noir Genre. As a result, I've acquired alot of the technique and style of that period. My imagination is intimate with the style.

However, there really is no way to immerse yourself in that sort without picking up on a few rules, a few boundaries, a few precepts. As you move toward the genre, your mind, your approach, however fluid in the beginning will begin to take the shape of the glass, so to speak. In short, when working in the realm of Noir, I have rules, all sorts of rules. Even when other people can't discern the rules, or if I choose to break them for a moment, they are there. They help me as a practice craft. They are essential, I don't want to disregard them, but Hey! ... Rules sometimes can feel a little limiting.

Now that I have switched Genres for a short time (the Mammals theatre company will soon be beginning production on Seven Snakes, our take on the Spaghetti Western), I feel suddenly free from rules. There is a real giddiness, a tangible pleasure of discovery as we move closer to our first western for the stage. I have no rules! And even though I'm sure something with a little more restraint will arise, right now I can try anything. Frightening? Yes! But Invigorating too!

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