Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rehearsal for New Year's Resolutions

There are still things in this world that are worth getting mad over. But here is a list of things that I used to let inspire rage inside, but am making a resolution to learn how to let them go.

Improv Comedy
Hot women always leering at me on public transportation
Double wide infant strollers
Assholes in the audience
Comcast's Prices
Lady Gaga
Rush Limbaugh
Fox News
Twitter's effect on cumulative thought
The approval of squares
The approval of anyone
People who make faces
Kids who think they know better
FreeCreditReport dot com
Jon Stewart's frat boy antics
Cubs fans
NBA thuggery
That asshat who knocked up the other asshat in that movie of the same name
American Idol
Prescription Drug Marketing
Car exhaust
Co-Workers misbehavior
The General lack of anything on TV that doesn't suck
Rickety chairs
Squeaking Wheels
Emotional Vampires
Fucking Stephanie Meyer
Andy Rooney
Dave Barry

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