Monday, August 09, 2010

Production Journal for Seven Snakes

I've said to more than a few folks that this show feels somehow more free than the previous ones. That is still the case. I sort of love that things are happening to the story in every rehearsal that none of us knew would before we get together every night. Within the frame of the story itself, I am trying to bring in something fun, playful, lurid, spontaneous. I have two documentaries on Fellini burned onto DVD and now after frequent viewing burned onto my brain. I am trying (to the best of my ability) to try it his way. To be constantly throwing new ideas at the actors, to be pushing them to try new things. To refuse to settle (at least till we get closer to tech week). I hope it is as much fun for the actors as it has been for me. I am trying here in the beginning this first few weeks of rehearsal to say 'Yes, and' every chance I get. It feels so good.

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