Saturday, July 02, 2011

On Alice, Why Alice?

Not long ago, I was seriously Anti-Alice in Wonderland. Not that I didn't think it was a good story. I just thought it was over done. I wonder what could be brought to it that hasn't been done before. I sort of wanted everyone to get over Alice and start to look for something else that achieved that same sense of the wonder, surrealism, beauty and awe.

But, we are a species that repeats and repeats. There is something about this story that we can not let go of. No matter how many Gaimanesque Heroines there are out there... Alice can not be dismissed.

My attitude toward Alice is changing too. Perhaps I am mellowing. Perhaps I just see the advantage to Lewis Carroll's approachability in the same fashion that Shakespeare, Chekhov, and Neil Simon are unquestionably approachable.

Having begun some serious video play with the current production, I think over 2012, the Mammals are going to play with Video and Alice.