Monday, October 24, 2011

Favorite Thing(s) This Week - Ray Caesar

Opulence. Decadence. Danger. Allure. A darling of Juxtapoz Magazine. I can not find the article, but I recall or hallucinate that these works are actually sculpted in a digital realm using 3d rendering software.

These feminine children are beguiling, but the narrative hints at something cautionary to me. Their beauty and youth seems Faustian. These women are the result of paranormal covenants. The painting above could be an apocraphal sitting room from the prelude to an alternate version of Sartre's No Exit.

Favorite Thing(s) This Week (or FTTW for short) is a recurring exploration here at DEVILVET. Anything that inspires us, but primarily visual artists whose work reverberates, delights, or provokes us.

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